When you’re going out with a great person, it’s tempting to max out your credit cards on the biggest, shiniest, most see-how-much-I’m-into-you gift possible. But as most of us have learned from Valentine’s Day experiences, birthdays, and holidays past, the best gifts are rarely the priciest. Usually, they’re the most thoughtful. To that end, we’ve come up with six of the cutest, coolest, most thoughtful things that you can do for any special day to truly show how much you care.

1. Frame a mutual memento
Start with a simple picture frame and get ready to create some low-cost art that’s rich in sentimental value. No, you’re not giving your partner a picture of you, silly. What you need is a memento (just one — no collage skills necessary) from your first date or the time you met, like a matchbook from the restaurant, the receipt where she scrawled her number, a ticket stub from a movie, a brochure for a museum, or an invitation to the party where you two first locked eyes. Put it all together for a simple, sleek piece of art that’s extra-special for the two of you.

2. Give flowers with finesse
Flowers are a classic gift from an admirer, but they can also set off someone’s cliché alarm. So forget about the overpriced long-stem roses and give your blooms some personality. Start by buying a bunch of loose stems — any that suit your fancy, though choosing two or three different shades of one flower is usually a winner. Or, try different varieties of flowers, all in the same color. Then, wrap something creative around the stems, outside of the florist’s paper — say, a rock-climber’s rope if your date is athletic; a scarf or charm bracelet if your sweetie adores accessorizing; or even a new set of ear buds or cordless mouse if your honey is high-tech.

3. Monogram something surprising
Give your date a taste of the upscale life by giving a monogrammed gift of something you’d never expect to see in a “luxury” version. Start by buying something you already had in mind for your pumpkin, whether that’s a leather case for her iPod, some cute cotton pajamas, or a great new chef’s knife. Then take it to an engraver’s shop or tailor to have it personalized with his or her initials — monograms make even the most practical gift feel priceless. For bonus “Awww…” points, engrave the item with your nickname or pet name for your sweetie instead.

4. Try this card trick
Back in school, you had to bring enough small Valentines for everyone in your class. Now that you’ve got just one special person, you can give him or her the entire box! Hit a grocery or drug store, and buy a package of those silly Valentine’s Day cards from your past. Write cute notes on the back of each, then hide them in things your sweetie uses regularly: tucked inside a jacket pocket, on the driver’s seat of the car, taped to the back of his or her BlackBerry, you name it. Even (or especially!) if it’s several weeks before your cutie finds them all, your clever cards guarantee frequent little surprises — and happy thoughts of you.

5. Nix a chore your sweetie abhors
Sometimes, the best gifts don’t give us something we love, but eliminate something we hate. Your sweetheart will be overjoyed if you take over his or her most-loathed duty, whether it’s laundry, house cleaning, or the monthly Costco run for toilet paper and other staples. You can hand-draw a coupon for doing it yourself, pre-pay for a maid or laundry service, or, if you two are at the level where you’ve exchanged keys, take care of it while your honey is out — the sincere thanks you get will be well worth it.

6. Burn some fond memories into a CD
Mix CDs are a classic gift to give amongst the lovestruck. While the straightforward sentiments in love songs are surely accurate, you can make your CD even more personal by including tunes that refer to different things you’ve done together. Not sure what fits the bill? Check a song-lyric database, like Songlyrics.com, Sing365.com, or Lyricsdownload.com, and search for songs that speak to your relationship — like “Route 66” to commemorate your recent road trip or “One More Cup of Coffee” if you met at Starbucks. And whether you’re dating a Sharona or a Bobby, consider ending your playlist with a tune that contains your sweetie’s name — you’ll be surprised by just how often even some truly unusual names pop up in song lyrics. It’s not an expensive gift to give — but definitely one that showcases your thoughtfulness.




By Laura Gilbert


this date was totally awesome and guess what that date also my anniversary with my beloved one ^ – ^

well this year we celebrate our anniversary and eat at near by the Petronas around 00:00am. we call it as “Kedai express” coz that mak cik cook very fast and have good service too also the price also cheap ^ – ^

Then after i finish my job, i meet my gf and send her motorbike that was having problem that morning. then she send me back to home by using her father car.i drive the car until ampang point then my gf want to eat nasi lemak that near by my house,thats nasi lemak is awesome if u plus it with fried chicken..yummy..yummy..delicious


O ya i give her present new nokia phone which model C6-01 and she give me 2 stocking,2 boxes and 1 T-shirt. this is the photo of our present ^ – ^


did u guys still remember the 1st time u guys go to secondary school??

well i still remember that time,i was alone without know any of those kid on my classroom coz i got in 3rd level class that time from my UPSR result.


well during my primary school was SRK ST.AGNES and i got in secondary school near by my Primary school :-), my secondary school was call SM ALL SAINTS. before this this school was black list from any family due to this school having many case with polis,fight,making trouble,excap and etc. But i don’t care about that coz i’ve my siblings also on that secondary school 🙂


Well if  i still remember my 1st fren at my classroom during that time is Robin,Filther,Rinel and saiful those guys were from SRK LOK YOK Likas.this guys was awesome until now we still contact with each other. we are in same class till form 3.i can’t 4get that i can get top 4 at my classroom during from 3. If u guys know i not the smart guy in that classroom but i too naughty and always catch a fight with other student. But there are one girl that make me feel want to fight with her with those score. That girl was transfer from SWK (Kuching) to out school but this girl was so Poyo (boast/arrogant/arrogant). thats why i’ll never lose with that kind of girl.



Then i take PMR exam and i got only B for Agam Islam and all is 4C and 3D..wakakkka i now my result is not too gd but i feel good that i pass it coz some of my fren (naughty Fren) get more suck result from me. But we don’t care coz we are in same class during form 4 expect filther and rinel were in same classroom but there taking the art class also saiful were taking same economic class but this class was split into two class coz too many student that time.well i still naughty when i was form 4…always excap,go ICC,get in fight,stealing,lazy and etc. i always make my father came to meet the principals. then i feel sorry for my old man and always make him sad.


When i was form5 i keep and set inmy mind that i want get a good score with my SPM coz i want make my family happy especially my father :-). thats why i did change but a bit,not matter what happen i still fren with my bff 🙂 then i ask them to study with me too coz this is our future if we got bad result on SPM we’re in category hopeless people and it will hard to make a job and get good salary. a few my fren were change too, and i lucky got a fren like those guys 🙂



so i hope those kid how will have start new school please don’t do that kind of thing that i’ve done, its not good for ur future and family. for those kid start their class today i wish u guys have a best experience during secondary school and please keep yourself away with drugs and smoking coz it not good for ur health




Peace No War


wow how knows today date is so awesome 🙂


Today me and my gf will watching back 2 back movie again at TGV Wangsa Walk. like always only have 3movie that best and we not yet watch it.and the movie are


Damping Malam

Damping Malam



Horror movie-Malay – the story about a couple – Ku Khalira and Wadi who have been married for 14 years and are blessed with a beautiful daughter – Nuraiza . They are a liberal, modern family and Nuraiza is a bright student at school. The parents place more importance to worldly matters, so she isn’t brought up with much religious emphasis, despite also being raised by her mysterious aunt, Umi Siah (Azizah Mahzan). One day, Nuraiza leaves home to further her studies and soon finds herself powerless to protect against dark powers due to her lack of religious knowledge.





In “Janin”, a fishing village used to be peaceful but the villagers find that their money is being stolen by an unknown person. Later they discover it is the work of Esah, a mystical creature (‘toyol’) with a guardian. Esah has been secretly visiting the home of Sutera (Eja) and Hashim (Hairie Othman) and their three kids, resulting in less stealing activity and his master’s wrath. In the end, Esah turns violent and disaster awaits the whole village.


The Tourist

The Tourists



Elise (Angelina Jolie) randomly sits next to an American tourist, Frank (Johnny Depp), on a train going to Venice. The police have been following Elise for two years waiting for her to contact her lover who embezzled over $2 Billion. Not only will they need to evade the police, but also the mobster who’s money he stole.


i receive a good news frm my gf on 30 Dec 2010 coz she already confirm with her job, i so happy for her 🙂

and the 2nd news is, i brought her some new phone due to her phone was having problem with the screen so i brought her Nokia C6-01 at 20:45 during countdown 2011. she really like that phone and i love too see her smile ^ – ^


Hope this 2011 will give us a better life then 2010  also may god guide us the right way.My determination this year is hope my family,my love one and me will have a good health and I hope this year’s income increases so that i can marry with my gf ASAP

Just want to wish all u guys a Happy New Year 2011, hope this year will give us a good memory

no matter malaysia did lose to indonesia that nite with score 2 – 1 but malaysia still win all over 4 – 2…

Yahooo!!!!!!! congratulations to skuad malaysia for us waiting 14year to get the Cup Suzuki AFF..

Also we got a good news from PM that one malaysia will given a public holiday on Friday 31 Dec 2010…

Yahooo again…Thanks 2 PM too 🙂