how to hack password on win xp without administrative privledges …..

-First go to start then click run….

-Then type cmd and enter,to open up a command prompt window…

-Then type net user or net users (it donesnt matter witch one you type) and enter it

-It should show all the users of the computer, choose the user that you want  to change the password for

-And type net user “user name” * fill the user name that you want to change  but not the quotes,and yes you must put the star after the user name…

-It should now move down line and say type you password for this user ,so type the password desired …

-It will not show what  you type for the password so make sure you type it correctly,  once type,click enter, it will ask you to type again the password and click enter it will say  then command completed succsessfully

-Exit out of command prompt, and go have fun messing around with other user’s stuff….kokokokoko