March 2010

23 March 2010

well 23 March was my gf birthday and celebrating her birthday at KLCC only due to that day was working day so i waiting for her to finish her job 1st.Around 6PM (i guess) my sweet heart finish her job previously i waiting for her starting 4 some thing but that time i search for a cake meanwhile waiting her finish her job .

i did wish her that night and i wish it again when we meet face to face ^ – ^…so beautiful of her dressing black kebaya and sweet like lolipop 🙂

a few minute later we go shopping for her birthday give due to i don’t know what her want on her birthday this year,thats why i asking her to shopping what ever her love it.Then after we go search and looking also buying the thing that her want, we go to Subway.


19 March 2010

19 March 2010

well i did do some event on that weekend with my colleagues and others company but only a few that attend on that event.Is okey with me but i love hangout with all but their can’t attend so let it be ^ – ^

This event was watching a movie between Alice in Wonderland 3D or How to Train your Dragon the majority want to watch How to Train your Dragon 3D coz their love the trailer previously, so we watch it on 19 march at KLCC and the time was 23:55PM.

So that day had come and we all meet at officer before 23:00PM,during waiting others friend we watching astro 1st at officer ^ – ^…

All already come just akmal only that not yet arrive so we all wait him around 5 minute before we all go to KLCC,suddenly akmal had call Johan that he already arrive and don’t bring tag to access to officer so we all go down and meet him.Then we all ride andy car and parking at KLCC. we don’t believed that we’re to early come its only 23:08PM, we what can i say to them we use car thats why come here too early..kikikikiki

Meanwhile we waiting the cinema 5 was open we hangout 1st around the corner near by the Elevator.

Then Johan see that cinema 5 already open and we all going in to the cinema ^ – ^.. This movie was taking 2 hour a half (i guess)…what can i see to this movie, its was so nice and sweet also the story is have a good plot just like avatar movie. I give this movie 10/10 ^ -^…after we all finish watch that movie we go to have some dinner. So before that we must pay 1st the parking, i can’t believed that just per entered RM8 hohohoh…

well we all having dinner at SSJ2 PJ,this place only andy and Johan know that place..huhuhu..around 25minute (i guess) we had arrive that place..kokoko…but there was too many people hanging out..funlamak many sexy gurl and hot…kikikiki…well i guess that place was call as Western food but the boss is india guy..

10 Macrh 2010…

MMmmmm…actually  that day i working at Noon shift and my sweet heart want to return her costume  at Bukit Bintang, so i ask her that i want to companion that day so she let me come with her ….we meet around 1700PM at “convention centre”..So i come out from my officer around 17:15PM but that time we’re busy with “Bank Islam”. …i Hate those customer “Bank Islam” due to they required a lot of thing that we don’t do…forget that thing 1st…let continue on the real story  ….

well i arrive at “convention centre” near by “Starbucks” she already waiting for me…kikikiki….

waaaa she so beautiful with that red dress :-)…. then we go to Bukit Bintang by foot due to its very near with “Pavilion” mall….after we return the costume, we stop and window shopping 1st at “Pavilion”….wow there was many brand shop there and expensive too..

30 minute later, we starting go back to “convention centre” and my sweet heart already tired…after we arrive at KLCC we take a break and sit near by “KKtoys”…. we talk and rest around 5 minute (i guess) then suddenly we feel hungry and that time we don’t know where to eat due to we already test all kind of food at KLCC….Then i remember a place that we’re rarely eat at tha place….[u know already where that place, right guys 🙂 ]

Sha : two person please..

Server : one table for this couple!!!!

Sha: dear, are u okey with this place?

Ney: sure why not coz we rarely eat here…

Sha: orait then…

a few minute later, we got a sit… so we starting to read and look at the menu book ….mmmmm

Sha: dear, what would u eat?

Ney:mmmm…i guess, i take this “Chicken Burger”…look like delicious…

Sha: orait then,so i will take this one [i forget that menu name 😦 ]

Sha:Mmm… Boy…boy….we would like having “Chicken Burger” and [i forget that menu name 😦 ]….

Server: k sir, and your drink sir?

Sha: dear what would u like to drink?

Ney: well can u give me a juice oren, sha?

Sha: well,we share it k dear

Server:why not your take the carbonate drink, u can refill sir

Sha: really…so we take that drink boy and Thank you 🙂

Then we snap a pic while waiting the food arrive..a few minute later our food has arrive and its look delicious…yummy..yummy….

12 Feb 2010 its a day that me and my love one going to genting and we got a 6 free ticket from a news paper (Berita Harian). Thanks for my love one coz if not of her we didn’t get the free ticket :-)..

we meet at KL Sentrl where we taking the bus there around 9AM. Before we go,we did eat some food that my love one bring food from her house ( mee goreng and 2 nasi lemak) yummy… i also bring some of snacks (chocolate,Twisties,Pringles and mineral water). after we done our eat, we go and waiting for the bus arrive and its arrive 10minute before 9AM :-)…

its take a 45minute to arrive there (i guess),when we already arrive we take the cable car to go up there ;-).

wow u can’t imagine what a beautiful view from up there….love the view…on the cable car we had a lot snap pic there kikikikikiki 😡

around 15minute (i guess) we had arrive at the top of the genting ….Yahooo :-), its play time..kokokoko

When we arrive, the 1st game we play is the “Spinner” …..waaa i feel fun playing that game but my sweetheart feel dizziness so we take a few minute then we start play agian…kikikiki..this time is the “cyclone” my sweet heart ask me its that game very scary or not and i say its only child game not like the real “Flying coaster” don’t scary k 🙂 ..But when come to turn us and had done playing with that game, my lolipop say its was so scary…what can i say she cute when scary (already see her pic scary that time) kikikiki…..

well guys..its been long time i didn’t update my blog…

well on Jan and Feb its the beautiful memory i had..

thanks goodness i still live until now… 🙂

well i’ll update my blog on the next day due to i want to going sleep and working this Fucking Monday..kokokoko :-p