12 Feb 2010 its a day that me and my love one going to genting and we got a 6 free ticket from a news paper (Berita Harian). Thanks for my love one coz if not of her we didn’t get the free ticket :-)..

we meet at KL Sentrl where we taking the bus there around 9AM. Before we go,we did eat some food that my love one bring food from her house ( mee goreng and 2 nasi lemak) yummy… i also bring some of snacks (chocolate,Twisties,Pringles and mineral water). after we done our eat, we go and waiting for the bus arrive and its arrive 10minute before 9AM :-)…

its take a 45minute to arrive there (i guess),when we already arrive we take the cable car to go up there ;-).

wow u can’t imagine what a beautiful view from up there….love the view…on the cable car we had a lot snap pic there kikikikikiki 😑

around 15minute (i guess) we had arrive at the top of the genting ….Yahooo :-), its play time..kokokoko

When we arrive, the 1st game we play is the “Spinner” …..waaa i feel fun playing that game but my sweetheart feel dizziness so we take a few minute then we start play agian…kikikiki..this time is the “cyclone” my sweet heart ask me its that game very scary or not and i say its only child game not like the real “Flying coaster” don’t scary k πŸ™‚ ..But when come to turn us and had done playing with that game, my lolipop say its was so scary…what can i say she cute when scary (already see her pic scary that time) kikikiki…..