10 Macrh 2010…

MMmmmm…actually  that day i working at Noon shift and my sweet heart want to return her costume  at Bukit Bintang, so i ask her that i want to companion that day so she let me come with her ….we meet around 1700PM at “convention centre”..So i come out from my officer around 17:15PM but that time we’re busy with “Bank Islam”. …i Hate those customer “Bank Islam” due to they required a lot of thing that we don’t do…forget that thing 1st…let continue on the real story  ….

well i arrive at “convention centre” near by “Starbucks” she already waiting for me…kikikiki….

waaaa she so beautiful with that red dress :-)…. then we go to Bukit Bintang by foot due to its very near with “Pavilion” mall….after we return the costume, we stop and window shopping 1st at “Pavilion”….wow there was many brand shop there and expensive too..

30 minute later, we starting go back to “convention centre” and my sweet heart already tired…after we arrive at KLCC we take a break and sit near by “KKtoys”…. we talk and rest around 5 minute (i guess) then suddenly we feel hungry and that time we don’t know where to eat due to we already test all kind of food at KLCC….Then i remember a place that we’re rarely eat at tha place….[u know already where that place, right guys 🙂 ]

Sha : two person please..

Server : one table for this couple!!!!

Sha: dear, are u okey with this place?

Ney: sure why not coz we rarely eat here…

Sha: orait then…

a few minute later, we got a sit… so we starting to read and look at the menu book ….mmmmm

Sha: dear, what would u eat?

Ney:mmmm…i guess, i take this “Chicken Burger”…look like delicious…

Sha: orait then,so i will take this one [i forget that menu name 😦 ]

Sha:Mmm… Boy…boy….we would like having “Chicken Burger” and [i forget that menu name 😦 ]….

Server: k sir, and your drink sir?

Sha: dear what would u like to drink?

Ney: well can u give me a juice oren, sha?

Sha: well,we share it k dear

Server:why not your take the carbonate drink, u can refill sir

Sha: really…so we take that drink boy and Thank you 🙂

Then we snap a pic while waiting the food arrive..a few minute later our food has arrive and its look delicious…yummy..yummy….