19 March 2010

well i did do some event on that weekend with my colleagues and others company but only a few that attend on that event.Is okey with me but i love hangout with all but their can’t attend so let it be ^ – ^

This event was watching a movie between Alice in Wonderland 3D or How to Train your Dragon 3D.so the majority want to watch How to Train your Dragon 3D coz their love the trailer previously, so we watch it on 19 march at KLCC and the time was 23:55PM.

So that day had come and we all meet at officer before 23:00PM,during waiting others friend we watching astro 1st at officer ^ – ^…

All already come just akmal only that not yet arrive so we all wait him around 5 minute before we all go to KLCC,suddenly akmal had call Johan that he already arrive and don’t bring tag to access to officer so we all go down and meet him.Then we all ride andy car and parking at KLCC. we don’t believed that we’re to early come its only 23:08PM, we what can i say to them we use car thats why come here too early..kikikikiki

Meanwhile we waiting the cinema 5 was open we hangout 1st around the corner near by the Elevator.

Then Johan see that cinema 5 already open and we all going in to the cinema ^ – ^.. This movie was taking 2 hour a half (i guess)…what can i see to this movie, its was so nice and sweet also the story is have a good plot just like avatar movie. I give this movie 10/10 ^ -^…after we all finish watch that movie we go to have some dinner. So before that we must pay 1st the parking, i can’t believed that just per entered RM8 hohohoh…

well we all having dinner at SSJ2 PJ,this place only andy and Johan know that place..huhuhu..around 25minute (i guess) we had arrive that place..kokoko…but there was too many people hanging out..funlamak many sexy gurl and hot…kikikiki…well i guess that place was call as Western food but the boss is india guy..