18 April 2010

guys guess what? ^ – ^

a big smile and wish for me due to its my b’day that day kikikikiki :-p

well during my b’day not special happen just a wish from my family and special one , thanks u guys coz remember my b’day even though I rarely celebrate my birthday.

My gf had ask me too meet her at 8PMat KLCC due to she was working on that day,so i meet her at there but i waiting her at my officer 1st ^ – ^ until she already finish her working..

The time had come and she asking me to choose any shoes that u like she say.Actually my shoes had been torn thats why she asking me to pick one that i like..well its take about 30 minute to choose shoes that i like coz i don’t want choose a shoes that expensive for her to purchase.

She ask me to take the shoes that her had choose it (Hush Puppies) coz she feel it more style and appropriate to me to wear it at officer ^ – ^. After that i try that shoes that she choose and its look appropriate when i wear it, my gf had a good tease kikikikiki… Thanks dear :-* .a few later i asking that guy to take me the  size 9 and its fits with my ft and she pay it for me.. A thanks a lot to my gf coz given me a gifts that so cool

this is some of pic that shoes:

This is the card that my Gf give to me ^ – ^