3 May 2010

Well guys this is, the time that i waiting for long time…

i going back to my sweet village at “Megelang” its at Indonesia ^ – ^, i’ll be there about 3 week…fuhhh my cell phone can’t work/function due to Maxis is not support there, if only i make roaming my line confirm can use there but they say must pay for deposit Rm300..”perrhhh gila ker ape!!” Better i use that money to chance it to IDR i can get 1 milion IDR ^ – ^

well my fight is on 4 May 2010 at 0915 and we taking MAS airline ^ – ^. ..Number of the fight is MH857 aircraft 737-400 [Big plane] … o ya i think i’ll arrive on Y0gyakarta around 1050 coz its only take a 1 hour and 30 minute only ^ – ^…. can’t wait to look forward to take the airplane…yahoo!!!!

So guys…i’ll update my blog after i had return to Malaysia ^ – ^

Bye2 and hope u guys will be fine ^ – ^