4 May – 18 May 2010

Well me and my sis go to airport at 11PM something after my fren had arrive to pick up us..its take about 1hour something if i not wrong ^ – ^ ….

1st we go to airasia to pick up my family from Sabah to KL at LCCT…we arrive at LCCT about 1AM something in the early morning..actually my family had arrive at 12AM but we still not yet arrive at the LCCT due to we take a long way to go there…kikikikiki…after pick up my family at LCCT and drop them to KLIA waiting  for the next flight to Megelang  😉 yahooo!!!!!

when we all arrive at KLIA, my bro,mum and father had a sleep due to their don’t have enough sleep…so their sleep until 6am in the morning….after that we go breakfast at MCD Yummy…Yummy…