31 July 2010

Well u want to know why i put the title ” U fall I fall”?


Actually its funny story that had involved with my life :p


well its begin when me and my gf want to watch movie at Wangsa Walk,the movie that we want to watch is Salt…The movie is start on 1530 so we come around 1423 i think due to we need to take a ticket at the counter before the movie starter….

a few hours later the movie had end,and we go out from cinema at the back  door….during we out from the cinema room,its look a lot of ladder to come down…suddenly…my gf had wrongly step on the ladder and she fall down but i catch her with my right hand but in middle of that my left foot thumb was folded and i can’t stand too long then i also falling down just like my gf did…kkikikikiki…thats was so funny accident that happen to us…

even though the injury is extremely pain, but I still giggles due to its so funny…if only i got in movie or picture, i already did upload it on the post..huhuhuhu….

it was a great day for me and my gf…kikikikikikik