November 2010

Why!!!!! until now i still not get my salary  huhuhuhu 😥

What should i eat this night and tomorrow??


Help me!!!!! i need money please….please….please….



its been a while that  i never login to my email,suddenly when i open it…Fuhhh!!!!

my eyes can’t believed it that my in coming mail full with Position Closed that i applay a few month a ago..kikikikiki…

But when u see it twice look awesome :p kokokokoko


Position Closed


The day i will get my OP Ship set ..Yahooooo…..

come on ship,arrive already la..can’t wait any more…i want to hold it right now..huhuhu



what the hack!!!!

early in the morning the line already full…OMG!!!!!

But i still not the last line ^ – ^…hmmmm..i just send my sweet heart to her work at uniqlo around 7:45am , you guys don’t believed the line was…

the time had showing near 11am and their had open the Shop by VVIP from Tokyo and Singapore also with artist guess Maya Karin…the main opening was Awesome!!!!!!


I got snap some pic during the opening ^ – ^




VVIP people


lunch Uniqlo

the crew Uniqlo are ready to be sufe for VVIP and people that come

one of the exmple item that they sale

women floor

jeans men

the central off mall already full with people