many rumors we hear after indonesia had lose the 1st round with malaysia team for  Piala Suzuki AFF. Some rumors say that malaysia using the laser last Saturday,PRESIDEN Persatuan Sepakbola Seluruh Indonesia (PSSI) Nurdin Halid say that malasyia using black magic at  thier keeper during the game, indonesia fan had do some banner for our couch RajaGobal “Raja Gombal pasti hancur”  meaning “Meaning rags of cloth used to wipe dirt.”…..this is happen when malaysia had def indonesia team last Saturday but did their had think when their (indoesia) win 5-1 with malaysia did malaysia any thing bad to their team??


why must their say like that,did their know without malaysia can their people find a gd job here and live here with gd life?? we know that the economies Indonesia is not care with gd but we accept their people to come here and find a job…i not say that Indonesia is not gd people just their think in the box,why their can’t think out of the box??



k la we just see today game and see what happen with the Indonesia fan at Stadium Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta