did u guys still remember the 1st time u guys go to secondary school??

well i still remember that time,i was alone without know any of those kid on my classroom coz i got in 3rd level class that time from my UPSR result.


well during my primary school was SRK ST.AGNES and i got in secondary school near by my Primary school :-), my secondary school was call SM ALL SAINTS. before this this school was black list from any family due to this school having many case with polis,fight,making trouble,excap and etc. But i don’t care about that coz i’ve my siblings also on that secondary school πŸ™‚


Well ifΒ  i still remember my 1st fren at my classroom during that time is Robin,Filther,Rinel and saiful those guys were from SRK LOK YOK Likas.this guys was awesome until now we still contact with each other. we are in same class till form 3.i can’t 4get that i can get top 4 at my classroom during from 3. If u guys know i not the smart guy in that classroom but i too naughty and always catch a fight with other student. But there are one girl that make me feel want to fight with her with those score. That girl was transfer from SWK (Kuching) to out school but this girl was so Poyo (boast/arrogant/arrogant). thats why i’ll never lose with that kind of girl.



Then i take PMR exam and i got only B for Agam Islam and all is 4C and 3D..wakakkka i now my result is not too gd but i feel good that i pass it coz some of my fren (naughty Fren) get more suck result from me. But we don’t care coz we are in same class during form 4 expect filther and rinel were in same classroom but there taking the art class also saiful were taking same economic class but this class was split into two class coz too many student that time.well i still naughty when i was form 4…always excap,go ICC,get in fight,stealing,lazy and etc. i always make my father came to meet the principals. then i feel sorry for my old man and always make him sad.


When i was form5 i keep and set inmy mind that i want get a good score with my SPM coz i want make my family happy especially my father :-). thats why i did change but a bit,not matter what happen i still fren with my bff πŸ™‚ then i ask them to study with me too coz this is our future if we got bad result on SPM we’re in category hopeless people and it will hard to make a job and get good salary. a few my fren were change too, and i lucky got a fren like those guys πŸ™‚



so i hope those kid how will have start new school please don’t do that kind of thing that i’ve done, its not good for ur future and family. for those kid start their class today i wish u guys have a best experience during secondary school and please keep yourself away with drugs and smoking coz it not good for ur health




Peace No War